How To Start Your Content Creation Journey

There is great value in creating content and posting it in public where the world can see it.

A lot of professionals know this but they don’t do it because they remain stuck in analysis paralysis.

They wonder about how to start.

If you are in a similar situation, start with this 5-step approach:

  1. Pick a platform where you will want to establish your name
  2. Choose a core topic that you want to known for
  3. Identify 20-30 creators who create and regularly publish content on that topic on your chosen platform
  4. Start by commenting on their content every day. Note their posting time and try to comment early.
  5. Once you have done it for a month, you’ll start getting ideas for your own content. Create it as soon as you get an idea. Don’t post it yet. Save it.
  6. Once you have content for 15 posts ready, start posting on your chosen platform.
  7. Commit to posting for 6 month, once everyday or twice every day if you want to do it better.
  8. Now search for and hire a coach, who has done what you are trying to do before. Start working with them.
  9. Use their guidance to do the above better
  10. Rinse and repeat.

Learn as you go and change what you don’t like or what does not work for you.

Also add good night sleep because without it it is tough to be creative.

This will establish you as a micro-celebrity in your chosen niche.

What you do with it is up to you, but you can do a lot.

While you are at it, also note what you don’t need for your content creation journey:

You don’t need,

  • A fancy workspace
  • A new device
  • A content creation ritual

So get started and get going.

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