Social Media Is Not Bad

If it takes you closer to your goal.

True, you can spend hours, days, months, and years on social media, with only sunk time, and without anything to show in return.

But you can be strategic and use social media for your benefit.


See, social media’s power is the audience. And, you can build a tribe of this audience around your cause.

Start by focusing on one platform where the audience you want to reach, hangs out.

Build your presence there by publishing content.

If you are a consumer of content and not comfortable creating content, start by engaging with content others post and post meaningful comments on content others post.

Once you do that for a month or so, you’ll start getting ideas to post your own content.

When you start posting your content don’t stop engaging with the content others post.

Keep your eyes and ears open and see what is working for others, try to replicate that for yourself.

Some of those things will work.

Share what works for you and also about what does not.

Over time you’ll find 2-3 niches that you like talking about.

When you post consistently about these over 3-6 months, you’ll start seeing a community develop.

That‘s when you would have created a community that trusts you and loves you for your content.

You are now ready for the next stage of audience growth after proving to yourself that you can use social media to get closer to your goals.

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