2 Skills for Entrepreneurs That Are Not Talked About Much but Are Surprisingly Useful

Sales, coding, and financial savviness are skills that are often listed as skills that help enteroeniers succeed.

Data Visualization Skills

Let me ask you, if you were on the receiving end which of these plans would you prefer receiving?

The Wordy Version

A rambling note with repeated words that makes you put in a lot to effort, something like this:

Or The Visual Version

Or the exact same info said in fewer words and explained within the help of color codes, which will take a person looking at minimal effort to understand.

I took a super simple plan for the sake of understanding.

It did not take extra tools to create the visual version, just some thought, time, and empathy for the end user. All this combined made it easy to understand and instantly useful.

Next time, you send a customer a report, proposal or a plan, ask yourself, “Can I make it more interesting, useful and easy to understand by using less words and more pictures?”

Now, another useful skill for entertainers.

Spreadsheet Skills

If you are good with spreadsheets?

Not like a financial ninja, but someone who is savvy and knows how to connect sheets and how to use them to run some basic functions and query?

If you are then you can get rid of many costly tools and automate.

There are entrepreneurs out there running multi million dollar businesses, running their entire operations based on G Suite, and at an expense of $30 a month. How is that for efficiency?

And, why can’t you do it for your million-dollar business or even smaller business?

Now you know the next skills you need to add to your repertoire as a business owner, time to start learning.

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