A Simple Path to Success

It involves two things.

  1. Become self-aware and figure out what you value the most
  2. Say no to everything else.

You don’t realize what matters most to you by default. More often than not, you have to think about it.

Once you find out what it is, then you have to make sure that you serve this cause with your best energy and all the time you can devote to it.

That brings us to the second thing, which is saying ‘no’ to everything else.

In theory, it looks simple, but it is not because it means saying no to opportunities that look lucrative and enticing at the moment. 

But when you know what matters to you most, you’ll realize that saying ‘yes’ to anything will take you away from what matters the most to you.

Also, say ‘no’ knowing that the more you work on what matters to you, the more hard work you’ll be willing to put in it,

And it will result in more opportunities for you.

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