You Can Be Consistent and Reap Benefits Without It Feeling Like a Chore.

There are 3 approaches to being consistent.

1/ Do something daily. Great rewards, but it is tough. You often make sacrifices. 

You may want to take weekends off, but this approach does not allow that. And it may come in the way of living life to some degree.

2/ Do it 90% of the time, and you’ll do great without the sacrifices.

It allows for occasional slack and a break from what you set out to do daily.

3/ Do it 80% of the time, still do okay, with even less pain.

Want to take weekends off? Stay up till dawn occasionally, and take it easy?

You can do that with this approach.

3 is easier than 2 is easier than 1.

All give you almost similar results.

So aim for approach 1 in the beginning but don’t beat yourself up if you end up on approach 2 or 3 because results won’t vary significantly in whichever path you choose.

Just be sure not to take an extended break because you may find it tough to remain consistent.

Otherwise, it is ok to take it easy once in a while and enjoy life while being consistent.

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