Agency Owners: Reduce the Project Team Size To Ship Projects Fast

Delayed projects are a bane for agency owners.

The best way to eliminate these problems is to have a dedicated small project team with clear owners for different parts of the project and a single owner for overall project management.

It is better than involving everyone in the project, which results in a lack of focus and reduced speed of execution.

This might sound counterintuitive – after all, wouldn’t more people mean more hands to help and more brains to think? 

However, having a smaller team can make things easier and faster.

Consider it this way: getting everyone to agree on what to do next can be difficult if you play a game with a large group of friends. But if it’s just you and a few friends, making decisions quickly and getting things done is much easier. 

The same goes for working on a project – with fewer people. There are fewer opinions to consider so you can make decisions more quickly.

Additionally, when fewer people are working on something, it’s easier to ensure everyone is on the same page. This means everyone can work more efficiently because they know exactly what they should do and the project’s goals.

Working in a smaller team is a good idea to get things done faster. Remember, sometimes less is more.

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