Do Services Before Courses. Here Is Why

The courses are all the rage.

Because the successful creators who sell course on course creation imply that it is ‘easy’ revenue.

You just have to create a course once and you can sell the same course to multiple customers.

And, services are ‘tough’.

Because you have to serve customers 1-on-1 and do custom stuff unlike a course which you build once, and sell again and again.

There may be some truth to it. But not in its entirety.

I love services because:

  • There is a limit to price even on high-ticket courses but with services you can charge anything given that you offer proportionate value.
  • With them, I can reach similar revenues and profits faster than when doing a product or a course.
  • They are easier to sell because customers can see a clear path of revenue and it solves a problem without them working hard especially with ‘done with you’ or ‘done for you’ services.
  • It comes naturally to me now because I have built my entire business on the back of it.

Services are not fun if you compete on price or if you chase for payments. But there are ways to work around those and work in the premium range. That’s for another post though.

So do services before you do courses.

Even better do services with an intent to do courses eventually.

Do a mix of services and coaching. Prove what you do (via services) and recommend (via coaching) works and use that success, confidence and social proof to launch courses. With money in the bank earned through services, you can give yourself a longer runway to succeed with course.

But don’t take money in the bank, as a reason to be lazy.

Do you think this approach can work for you?

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