5 Ways to Sell Hundreds or Even Thousand Copies of Your Book Every Month

Here are five ways to do it.

Let’s take a look at each one by one.

#1 Write a good book

This step can sound boring.

But it is the most important.

Write a short dense book, around 150 pages is better than a long book with fluff words.

If you have already published a book and if you did this then read ahead.

#2 Create a pay for shipping offer

Next up create a ‘pay for shipping and get the book for free’ offer. With this offer those who buy the book, you make money on upsells.

To get people to buy run ads to the landing page with this offer.

#3 Build a tribe before publishing the book

Publish small parts of the book in places where people can see it.

Go for a mix of quantity and quality. And do it for one year. 

One year may sound a long time but when you write a good book, you don’t have to write another for years, decades even. You just need to build a community around it and promote.

It creates a space for you and your ideas inside the heads of those engaged with your work. And, when you launch, it will be no braidner for many of those people to buy your book.

In a way, everyone will already be aware of your ideas and what will be inside the book, and they will buy the book as a souvenir, and a container of ideas.

#4 Partner with those with an audience

Find out bloggers, YouTube creators, and people with large social followings and an overlapping audience.

Pay if you have to. Don’t do it one off, but regularly once every week.

Host giveaways, and get your partners to review your book or run a contest built around your book.

#5 Sell to companies

Where they give your book to new employees or to all employees if there is a fit. 5-10 such deals with large companies in a year, and you’ll be set.

I wrote my second book after I got a confirmed order from a leading business school. So, even before I wrote my book, I had pre-sold more books than many business books sell in their lifetime.

These ideas once implemented will make sure that your book will continue to sell consistently week after week, month after month.

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