Self-Care by Making Time for Routine Maintenance

We live busy lives.

It is good to be busy.

Because lucky are those who find what they love and are then able to spend time on it.

If you find yourself in such a situation work as hard as you can. There is no proof that returns to hard work diminish over the long run.

And, the results of hard work will compound over a long period of time and help you win big.

If you want to work hard then practice self-care. 

It will allow you to work hard, at peak productivity.

The first step towards practicing self-care is having a schedule for routine maintenance.

Here is what you can include in this schedule.

  1. One minute for practicing gratitude.
  2. Five minutes to meditate.
  3. Ten minutes for stretching.
  4. Fifteen minutes to note tomorrow’s tasks, and putting things in their place.
  5. Twenty minutes to review your weekly, monthly and annual goals, and update progress.
  6. Thirty minutes, twice a week, for email triage and achieve inbox zero.
  7. Forty minutes for a weekly massage.
  8. An hour for the family every day.
  9. Two hours to sit calm and have food every day (including all meals)
  10. Three hours of learning every day.
  11. Seven hours of sleep every night.
  12. Eight hours of focused work every day.

What else will you add to this list?

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