4 Ways to Scale Your Freelance Business

A freelance business can be fulfilling if you build it around your lifestyle and run it well. Here is how you can scale it.

1/ Raise your profile. 

Put yourself out there. Participate in conversations and add value. Help those who are ahead of you, at your level and behind you. This is the best way to build a network. This network helps raise your profile when you help them. 

Also, leverage tried and tested ways like getting featured in places that your potential clients frequent. This will help build your authority and also generate inbound interest for your work.

2/ Build systems and get help. 

Systems to showcase your existing work, develop new content, filter prospects, onboard new clients, and for reporting (by using templates). You can build or find and customize all these and more like welcome emails, strategy roadmap templates, welcome packers, over a couple of weekends.

Outsource repetitive tasks that don’t need your expertise. You can also get an assistant to send pitches, by getting them to fill templates for RFPs. Be strategic about getting help and only do it after eliminating what does not need to be done and optimize what needs to be done by using tools like Zapier or developing standard operating procedures (SOPs).

3/ Don’t say no to good opportunities, even when you are at capacity.

Tell the client that you can start at a later date. In the meantime, keep them warm by discussing projects and the outcomes they expect. Of course, do it only if it does not affect your sanity. If they are in a rush, refer them to someone you trust.

Another smart way to tackle this is to always have room for great opportunities by working fewer hours than you can. Do it by charging super-premium prices.

4/ Increase your skills and expertise and raise your prices.

This is an ongoing thing. Invest in your growth and then find a way to showcase your growth. Use that to raise your prices and get better clients.

Hope you put these into action and grow your freelance business.

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