Running after too many things?

confusing_signsAre you running after too many things at one go?

That is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

People doing start-ups, entrepreneurs are people with ideas.

They read, observe and find inspiration in unusual places. But there is a flip-side; many entrepreneurs find it hard to focus on the opportunity at hand. It happens more during initial years — when the direction of the start-up is not clear. It is important at this stage not to get carried away by hoping for better potential in a new idea.

Sure the new idea may have lots of potential. But if you are so sure than jump ship totally and focus on the new idea. Moreover you will not unleash the true potential of existing idea unless you spend some time (years) working on it.

There always will be exciting ideas and the desire to jump on the opportunity bandwagon. But if you are a 1st time entrepreneur, do not try to do 2 start-ups at one go. Not before you have helped the 1st one stand on its feet.

You may argue but I am capable of running 2 at one go — I will work at in the mornings on one and other in the evening. Try doing this, but ask those who have been there and done that. Working on one start-up is more than handful for most.

What about Parallel Path?

Parallel path is workable strategy to do justice to all your talents within and bring satisfaction into your life. The core is to add an additional path in your life after you have been on one path for a while.

To quote from Parallel Path;

“How do you make success of two careers at one go. Simple, establish yourself in first — it may take 2-5 years depending upon your field — and then move on to the second one.”

Are you focusing on one thing or trying to do too much at once? Any experiences to share?

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