15 Reasons To Be an Entrepreneur

1/ To become unfireable.

2/ To take naps in the middle of the day.

3/ For fast growth and accelerated learning.

4/ Because you could be a better employee.

5/ To own IP and call the stuff you made your own. 

6/ To prove your ideas work to yourself and the world.

7/ To create projects that match your skills and passions. 

8/ To get paid for value created rather than for hours worked.

9/ To keep all the profits against employers holding most of it.

10/ To let the market decide your fate instead of your employers. 

11/ To work wherever, whenever, with whomever on what you like.

12/ To experience the short-term hard life for a considerable upside.

13/ To reach a stage where you never have to work for money again.

14/ To bring your ideas into the world instead of working on someone else’s dream.

15/ having an empty calendar – control your calendar and not be filled by someone else.

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