Power of 1

one1 is a powerful number.

For some it means position, others see it as something used for calculations.

Mahatma Gandhi — is a great example of what ONE person can do. He made a significant difference to the future of an entire nation (India) and showed many the path of non-violence.

In this post, we will explore how small actions built around power of 1 can make a positive difference to different parts of our lives.


  • 1 call to a potential client means 300+ new pitches in a year
  • 1 new client every month can take you to 12 clients in a year
  • 1 client testimonial every month will get your business 12 testimonials in a year
  • 1 new e-book every month can take you to 12 e-books published in a year (if you are a digital publisher)

Growth & Productivity

  • 1 hour of meditation + physical activity every day can take your level of clarity to a new level
  • 1 minute every hour to take a deep breath and focus results in increased productivity
  • 1 less meal a day means better health for you
  • 1 hour of extra sleep adds 2 hours of quality time to your day (law of diminishing return comes in play here)
  • 1 hour a day effective social media usage — can take your personal brand to a new level
  • 1 hour of extra work every day — and you can create a parallel path for yourself
  • 1 less family outing every week can save you USD 100 or USD 5000 every year
  • 1 hour of less wastage of time (on facebook/ email/ gossip) — will give you 365 productive hours in a year


  • 1 page a day means 300+ pages in a year — so now you can start writing your 1st book
  • 1 new post a day on your blog — means a blog with 300+ posts — very good for traffic
  • 1 hour of writing every day of a year — will see you improve a lot as a writer
  • 1 new word learned a day means 300+ new words learnt in a year — start with A.Word.A.Day

Relationships & Networking

  • 1 day (totally) with your family — with no TV, mobile phone or digital interruption will make a positive impact on how you and your family connects
  • 1 phone call a week, to an old friend — will help you stay connected to the roots
  • 1 email every week to a thought leader may connect you with 50 people worth knowing
  • 1 conference/ seminar or networking event in a totally unrelated field will help  you widen your horizon

What else do you want to add?

Have you seen the “power of 1” unleashed in your life already? If yes, do share in comments.

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