7 Myths About Building a Personal Brand

1/ It takes years to do it.

2/ You need to be really smart.

3/ You need to have a ton of experience.

4/ Online influence automatically turns into money.

5/ You need to be present and active on every platform.

6/ You need a network of friends to help grow your brand.

7/ You have to be good at video. Words don’t matter much in today’s world.

All this is far from true.

• You can do it in a matter of months if you plan for it and get guidance from those who have done it.

• Anyone with average intelligence can do it; they just need to show up consistently.

• You can build a personal brand without much experience by sharing what you learn and experience with an intent to share value with others.

• A personal brand can become an opportunity if you build a personal brand into a lucrative niche. It can turn into job offers, partnerships, sponsorships, and other similar opportunities. But you have to work for it.

• Go deep on one platform and grow your presence there; that is enough to build a thriving persona brand. You can take your goodwill to other platforms and use it to grow your brand there.

• Having friends with good personal brands helps, but you can do it by sharing exemplary content and spending time engaging with the other personal brands.

• Despite the popularity of video content, there are numerous creators like James Clear and Mark Manson who have built remarkable brands with written content.

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