Two Paths to Success — Which One Will You Choose?

The path of least effort.

The path of hard work.

Early in my life and career, choose the path of hard work.

It strengthens you.

Once you have had some success, choose the path of least effort.

It’s not like you’ll remain on that path forever. Always go back to short bursts of hard work, like a month or two months long.

Use this time, to kickstart whatever you have chosen to work on, set it in motion, and then go back to the path of least effort.

Only to go back to the path of hard work, once you see an opportunity.

The path of least effort helps in another way too. Because when you are free you observe what is going on, and notice opportunities.

It is not possible when we are busy all the time.

Increase your odds in the long term, by avoiding things with a big downside or where you are sure about some upside and even when it is small.

So, it is ok to alternate between two paths. It is preferable even.

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