When Life Closes a Door, It May be Opening a Path to Your True Destiny

Have you ever faced a closed door?

Encountered negative feelings or rejection? 

Have you ever watched helplessly as things went haywire? 

We all have. 

Often, these experiences can seem devastating, like a dent in our hopes. 

But, let’s look at it from a different angle.

You see, life is a skilled protector. It has its way of creating a safety net around us. 

When it feels like life is working against you, it’s actually striving to guide us. It’s keeping us safe from people and choices that could harm us.

Imagine navigating a maze. We encounter blocked passages, detours, and dead-ends. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But those obstructions are there for a reason. They protect us from straying off the right path.

Similarly, when life throws curveballs your way, remember it’s a way of protecting you. The experiences that bring discomfort are merely detours, directing us away from paths not meant for you. They’re ensuring that we follow the route best suited for your journey.

Every shut door, every ‘no’, and every setback are there to steer us away from people, choices, and places that aren’t right for us. They are not roadblocks, but guiding signals, leading us toward the places where we truly belong.

So, the next time life seems to be working against you, remember that it’s actually guiding you. It’s leading us away from harm and toward our true destiny. Embrace the detours, they’re part of the grand plan. When life closes a door, it’s because there’s a better one waiting to be opened.

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