Past, Present and Future

Different people have different views.

I am sure you have some view point about this website. Either you think it is a valuable free personal development resource or you take it as a waste of your time. Probably, some of you are waiting, to see where it is headed. Rightly so, the content is very less at this point in time to create an opinion or view point.

But I am sure in coming months you will find interesting content in this space. Then, for some of you it may become an inspiration to start your own website. I will be happy to see that happening.

I see this website as a passage to future. A future where there will no crime, no hunger and everyone will live life to the fullest and live up to one’s true potential.

If you want to live life to the fullest, an understanding of relative nature of time will help. What is future in the current moment will become present tomorrow. Similarly, the very next moment, the current moment will become past. At the core is the moment we are living in. This moment some time back was future, now it is present, later it will be past.

So if you want to glorify your past or desire a shining future; focus on the current moment. Give your best to the present moment. If you are living present moment to the fullest i.e. you are giving your best to it; you are building the foundation of a great future.

For example, if you are trying to loose weight in order to become a model; sometime you will fancy yourself walking on the ramp. This will only happen if we you will focus on proper diet and exercise in the present moment.      

Rather complex introduction for simple facts that I am going to share with you. In the following lines you will find a review of the past month (July 2006)  and plans for the current month (August 2006) in terms of my personal development goals.

This type of entry normally goes in my personal journal. Then, why I included it here? Probably, it can help some of you if you are contemplating similar pursuits. That said, such entries will be far and less between as I plan to write mostly timeless essays and articles here.

July 2006 was an exciting month for me where I tasted small success on many fronts.


Website Launch: July was the lucky month when I was finally able to launch; a move which I had been contemplating for many months. The motivation behind this website is to give a vent to my thoughts, bring regularity to my writing and create a single window for all my current and future projects.

Fitness: I managed to stick to a fitness schedule for more than 30 days. I am still on it. Starting June 28, I started a morning fitness routine which includes basic warm-up, stretching and strength training. During past 40 days (June 28 to August  8), I went from 0 to 80 sit-ups. I further plan to add push-ups and chin-ups to this schedule in a phased manner.

Meanwhile, for cardio-vascular fitness I started walking regularly. Currently I am averaging at 5kms per day. Most of the days, I walk for 5-6kms; on some days I walk for 3kms with an occasional rest day. The maximum distance I have covered recently is 12kms.

This combination of cardio and strength training is doing a lot of good for me. I can feel the increase in energy levels which results in increased productivity at work.

Flip side is that it leaves me with less time for writing, reading and pursuing other interests; but I do not mind it because fitness is my top priority these days.

Restarting a regular exercise schedule is like homecoming to me.   As a kid, I used to run long distances. I used to get up really early then, mostly at 4 am or latest by 5 am depending on the weather. Soon after, I used to be out for a jog. Currently I am not focusing on getting up early. My current normal wake up time is 6:30 am.


During August, I plan to focus on improving my fitness level and writing skills. I also plan to be regular on reading front.

Fitness: I currently weigh around 97 kg. I want to reduce it to 91 kg till October 28, 2006. This suggests a reduction of 6kgs over a period of 3 months. It leaves me with a weight-reduction target of 2kg for August. I am sure of achieving it.

Reading: Some wise person has said if you want to write better, then you should read more than you write. I totally agree. That is why I plan to read following books during August.

  1. Getting Things Done – David Allen (259 pages)
  2. The Quick & Easy Way to Effective peaking — Dale Carnegie (221 pages)
  3. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (136 pages)
  4. Elements of Style – William Strunk., Jr. (40 pages)
  5. The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell (272 pages)

In all 928 pages are to be read. I will have to finish reading these in 25 days if I want to be on target. It calls for average 38 pages per day. Given my current traveling schedule, I will have to read at least 65 pages on the days when I am not traveling to achieve it. Looks like, it can be done.

Writing: I communicate to you through my writing. I want this communication to be simple, something which you enjoy reading and which is capable to bringing value to your life. It needs to be practiced to be perfected. Hence, I will be writing 500 words on the days I am not traveling.

I will also like to share with you, my intention of writing 6 articles or long posts during August 2006.    

So now, I have shared all my plans with you and this leaves me with the responsibility of being on target. Hopefully I will be able to do so.

To know the results, we will have to wait till the first week of September 2006; that’s when I will post the review of August and plans for September.

Meanwhile, regular articles will follow.

Until next time, peace.

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