Taking Another Look at Procrastination

Procrastination is a problem almost all of us experience at some point.

Most of us experience it often.

We need to overcome it because otherwise, it holds us back.

There are a lot of tactics and tricks that one can use to overcome procrastination.

I am not talking about those today.

Instead, I am talking about identifying big reasons for your procrastination and then staying away from those reasons.

For example, if it is your smartphone, start using it as a dumbphone.

If it is some tasty indulgence, then don’t go near that and find alternatives.

If it’s something that’s part of your daily routine, then find the trigger for that, like oversleeping, and get rid of that trigger.

It works because there are a small number of reasons or vices that are the reason for our procrastination.

If we stay clear of those reasons, we won’t procrastinate.

Give it a shot!


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