How To Become an Opportunity Magnet

There are three ways you can attract opportunities and through these, growth and success.

Become skilled

This is obvious. 

When you are skilled, those around you notice and send opportunities your way.

Being skilled is not enough though.

You need to do something else to create the inflow of opportunities.

You need to,

Become visible.

When you are visible more opportunities find you.

Start with niche visibility.

Become visible in communities made up of your audience.

Do it by helping people, asking questions, and sharing what you know and learn.

The process of becoming an opportunity magnet does not end here.

You can attract even more opportunities when you,

Become connected to people. 

This is probably the most important part of becoming an opportunity magnet.

This matters because opportunities are connected to people.

You can’t know in advance who the opportunity will come through. 

But you can make real connections across levels of expertise and success. 

And the more people you are connected with, over a longer period, the more opportunities you’ll attract.

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