No Homework Life

Raise your hand if you hated homework when you were in school.

Who didn’t?

And now we procatsiante because we have homework.

How can we still have homework? All grown up and when we were supposed to work 9-5, 5 days a week, and enjoy our good life the rest of the time.

Homework we should have done at work but we didn’t do because we hated it and it lingers on for days and weeks resulting in a bad performance review.

Or, the worst kind of homework that entrepreneurs experience.

The homework of proposal writing. It is worse than being an employee, because employees work and are sure to get paid.

Not the entrepreneurial proposal writer, the usual kind who spends a good part of her day writing proposals in hope of getting new clients.

There are only two ways to get out of this homework loop.

As an employee, find work that you come to love, so that work does not look like work.

You may have heard this advice before. But not the advice I am about to give you if you are an entrepreneur.

That advice is not put pen to paper or fingers to keys, until you are paid a nifty sum to write a proposal.

Once you have mastered this and developed your expertise, start delivering proposals orally.

And, only send the contract one you’ve shook hands with clients and agreed to work together.

To execute the work, lean on machines, systems, and employees and once again enjoy the no homework life.

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