No Experiment March

This is an Update Post. Skip it if you are looking for some learning.

Since Jan 2019, I have run a self-growth experiment every month.

The idea behind these experiments is to put ideas that promise growth into action and see what it does for me. 

I document these experiments to keep myself accountable. It also motivates others to try out those ideas in their lives.

March was the first month since Jan 2019 when I did not run a monthly experiment. It was uncomfortable to stop something which has become part of my life.

More so because I know it is easy to drop anything you are doing by skipping it once. 

But I also know that you can get back on track if you do not skip your habits more than once in a row. That’s why I have already kickstarted my April experiment, that you’ll hear more about once I have completed it.
Meanwhile, check out my results and learnings from past experiments.

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