Next Time!

girl_with_laptopNext time when you;

– Log on to Twitter or Facebook to add to or consume what your friends have been up to

– Engage in mindless gossip

– Waste time thinking about your goals, projects rather than doing something about it

– Move into a new project without finishing the one at hand

Think about your dreams and work that needs to be done.

Think about what have you done today that will take your closer to your dreams and finish what is important. If you have done nothing then do not log into Facebook, Twitter or Farmville and whatever your favorite time-kill is. Postpone it for a while. For a change, do without long hours of thinking and take action.

  • If you do it today, you will end your day more satisfied.
  • Do it for a month and be happy with your progress.
  • Do it for a year, day after day; and you will be amazed by your accomplishments.

Take a chance and do it. You will not know until you put it in practice.

Finally, stop reading this blog NOW only then you will be able to focus on what is important.

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  1. Jigyasa

    I am saved…..because for a change I am done with the important tasks n then only I came to check the blog-o-sphere…… of course after checking out fb 🙂

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