Are You Fine With The New Normal?

The normal keeps changing.

That is how we come to the new normal.

There was a time when we downloaded stuff on our computers and kept it there. The cautious ones among us backed the data on physical hard drives.

Now it has become normal to keep our stuff on the cloud, which is another term for somebody else’s computer. That somebody else can be Amazon, Apple, Google or Dropbox.

It was ok to go unannounced to people’s homes.

But now you need to call before unless you want to look like a jerk. In villages and towns, it is still ok to go and knock on anyone’s doors at any time. But I am sure that will change too.

It was normal for a person to be in a job for a lifetime.

Now, it is fast becoming normal for a person to try out several jobs, each for a few months, before settling in a dream job, and moving on again in a couple of years, all while trying to build a side hustle.

Not all new normals serve our best interests. 

The good news is that it is up to choose the ones we want to embrace and the ones we want to ignore.

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