How To Never Be Short of Ideas Again

A human is almost never short of ideas.

The ideas may be good or bad.

But ideas are always there.

At least we have observations.

When we say we don’t have ideas.

What we mean is that we don’t have ideas.

We often don’t realize that we have ideas, we don’t record them.

This happens because of a lack of system or a lack of habit.

If you never want to be short of ideas to create and build thighs around,

Start recording your ideas.

Carry a notebook and wrote something in this, take a picture send yourself a voice memo or record a short video

Whatever works for you.

And if your brain is like a barren land, and there are no ideas actually.

Start consuming content and participate in the discussion when other people share ideas

Do that 30 minutes every day for 30 days,

And you’ll see grass growing in barren land.

And ideas germinating.

When that happens, record and documents like you shared before.

Enjoy building your idea swipe file.

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