Mix the Predictable and Unpredictable for Your Career

Being an engineer, doctor, or regular employee, are all predictable ways of making a living. 

Here if you get a degree and train or study for a period of time, and work for 6-10 hours, you are assured of a certain income.

Then there are unpredictable ways of making a living, like being an author, blogger, YouTuber, or musician.

When you choose an unpredictable path, there is no guarantee that by investing 6-10 hours a day on your chosen discipline or craft you’ll make a living.

Here both downside and upside can be big. That’s why everyone should pursue such a path.

But because it is unpredictable it is smart to add a predictable way of living to the mix.  

That way you’ll never have to worry about the basics, while you try to make a success on the unpredictable path.

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