Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

To grow and be at peace within we need to stay in our own lane, we need to mind our own business.

How do you that?

By not giving a shit to what others are up to and marching to the beat of your own drum.

I learned this lesson early in life.

There was a time in my life as a student when I was more worried about what my friends were up to than studying myself.

Then I found inspiration in an unusual place. Rather a quote by Deepak Chopra about ‘dharma’ and jealousy in an old newspaper found me.

It changed my outlook. I became more mindful of my thoughts. Sense prevailed. I realized that the time that we spend thinking about others is the time we are not investing in our dreams.

So, if you care for your dreams, making an impact and creating a better world for yourself and those around you then;

Stop looking at the competition.

Stop looking at colleagues.

Stop looking at relatives.

Stop looking at those who have already put in the work. A glance to get inspired is ok. But don’t obsess about their present without looking at the work they put in the past.

Stop mindless scrolling through feeds.

Stop. For a moment to take a deep look at your own life.

Because when you are looking at the feeds and lives of others you are still thinking about your own life and saying to yourself what if and why they, not me.

Wouldn’t it be better if looked inwards and said to yourself instead “how can I……”

The first approach generates feelings of regret. The second creates hope and prompts positive action.

Which one will you choose?

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