How to Live a Mediocre Life

It does not take a lot to live a mediocre life.

I tried documenting it as a reminder to myself. See if you want to add anything to this list.

Don’t take ownership of your actions.

Be quick to accept praise for all that is good, and blame others for what is not good.

Don’t take action fearing you’ll fail.

Give in to laziness.

Eat to dullness.

Don’t start anything new, and when you do don’t finish what you start.

Rest on your laurels thinking that past successes will continue to feed your present and future.

Don’t create anything that others can use. Only consume what others make.

Have no skin in the game.

Go after small uninspiring goals.

Don’t believe that you have within you to do whatever you want to do.

Don’t ask for help and try to do everything yourself.

Don’t take care of mental and physical health.

Stop working hard, after early success.

Wait for the right timing or circumstances to take action.

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