7 Things We Need To Do Anything Meaningful or Worthwhile

Our time is limited for everyone, even those of us who’ll live for 100 years or more.

So we can’t do everything we want to do or can do.

To get and create value out of this time we got, we can focus on doing what is meaningful and impactful.

Here are 7 things that help with it.

1/ Curiosity – Without curiosity we will not explore anything new and become stale in no time. Our mind will become barren and there will be no new ideas after a while. 

2/ Creation – We arrive at what works through action and creation. The alternative is just keep ideating without working on anything. This won’t take us far.

3/ Connection – Man is a social animal. We don’t feel or function well without a sense of connection. So make time to water the plant of existing connections and also take time to create new connections.

4/ Movement – Without movement there is no life. Without life there is no impact.

5/ Purpose – We need a reason to do anything important. Find that reason and it will make focus and consistent action easy.

6/ Body – Body is the vehicle through which we take action and fulfill our duties. Keep it in the best share possible.

7/ Mind – Mind drives the body so learn and do what is best for your mind and it will serve you well as long as you are alive.

What else will you add to it?

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