Mastery Over Language

It is more important than we think it is.

This combined with a strong value proposition can help us build a solid career or a solid business.

This is why parents should spend time making sure that kids have mastery over language. Command over language and a good grounding in values will set them on a path to success.

Mastery of language is not only for teenagers. You can pursue it any age.

You can be an employee (entry level or a senior leader) and pursue mastery over language. Then use this mastery to communicate your ideas better, write and speak with more confidence, and eventually get a raise, change jobs or even get your dream job at your dream company.

It is also useful for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and creatives of all kinds. Mastery over language combined with mastery over a skill in your chosen area of work can get your respect and growth.

If you are keen to master language, start with writing and talking. Learn to write and speak with clarity.

Go for gradual improvement. If you improve 1% every day, in 70 days you’ll be twice as good.

Do you think it is something worth doing?

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