Manager to Maker

Manager: a person who gets other people to work and has a lot of operational and administrative responsibilities

Maker: Anyone who wants to make a living through his or her creations like books, designs, courses, and software. They usually don’t rely on working with other people for this.

So you may want to transition from manager to maker for various reasons, not limited to lifestyle, freedom, your love for creation, and leaving the drudgery of being a manager behind.

Now, how do you go from being a manager to a maker?

Simple, find time to become a maker,

How do you find that?

By batching your manager’s tasks and scheduling some time for being a maker.

Here is how you can do it in 4-5 steps over 6-18 months without burdening your weekends.

  1. Start by scheduling 2 hours/ week of maker’s time.
  2. Increase it to 4 hours/week by week 5
  3. Increase it to 6 hours/week by week 9 (one full day of creative work).
  4. Take 1 of these creative work days in a month to create content with the intent of building an audience. Schedule this content for drip over the rest of the week. Repeat this every month. Continue to grow your audience.
  5. Once this becomes a routine, add one weekend to it and launch a small product around week 12. Launch for free and use this to gather email subscribers.
  6. Repeat the above creation process to launch another product/offer.
  7. Repeat this audience building and product creation for another 3 months, and by this time, you will have built an audience of 2-3k people and an email list of 500 subscribers. Launch your paid product to this audience and email list and see how much money you make.,
  8. Rinse and repeat this audience, free product launch, and paid product 1-3 times more. This time, launch one paid product for every 2 free products and offers. Continue saving money on the side. When you have 12-24 months of expenses saved. Drop the manager’s work altogether and focus on being makers.

By this time, you would have learned much about being a successful maker. Use those insights to do it better.

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