Making Sales Simpler

Sales become simple when we start giving solutions to our customer’s problems.

In real life, there is no single big event where it happens.

It happens in phases, at different times, through different media.

There are a few big levers that play and impact sales success.

One is understanding the customer pains, and this is an ongoing process and you need to keep your eyes and ears open and read through what people like your customers write about their pains.

Two is messaging what you say and write when you talk to your customers, do you use your understanding of customer pain then.

The third is just various media and your understanding and expertise.

For example, if your sales funnel followers this path: free event ? paid workshop ? premium year-long engagement then you need to perfect each part. Like how to get more people to sign up for the workshop, and how to convert more to pay, and from there how to upsell more from there.

You can also have a conversion process that starts with YouTube, then takes the user to a landing page on your site, when visitors sign up for an exploratory call, where you make an offer.

To improve your results, you’ll need to make good videos powered by the right keyword, make a leak-proof landing page and have a proven call script to hook people on the sales call.

All combined can make you a formidable sales machine or whatever you fancy calling yourself.

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