Make Your Videos More Engaging With This Small Hack!

Many of my readers are big on video.

I know because we talk.

Most of them make videos for their YouTube channel.

And, often struggle with what most creators in the early stage of their journey do.

Low engagement.

Here is something that I have seen working for my clients.

Until people start engaging with what you say or show, give them something else to engage with.

Featuring those who your audience admire always works.

If it is a figure who is admired by all like Oprah or Warren Buffet depending on the marketing you are addressing, it will work.

And put their story or what they said related to the topic of your video, in the beginning of your video.


Because video opening engagement is really important, YouTube or Instagram, all platforms notice how many of those who clicked to watch continued watching. And, any one who stays for the first 3-6 seconds is likely to stay longer.

It works because by featuring a person they know and admire, we make it easy by giving a reference or person that they can relate to 🙂

Resulting in a win for you.

I wish you’d try this.

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