LinkedIn Growth Strategy and Tactics

Earlier today, I discussed LinkedIn growth with a dear client.

This client is already pretty active on LinkedIn but wants to do better.

I am sharing what I recommended for him, hoping you can use it too.

This client publishes high-quality content on his profile daily and engages with others in his network to build relationships and grow together.

If you are doing that, start there.

The goal of the strategy and approach shared below is to generate more inbound requests for connections and to create interest among your audience. This done, move a part of the users who engage with your site to expose them to your offers.

4-Pronged LinkedIn Growth Approach

Strategy/TacticStarting Action
1Increase publishing frequencyIncrease 1 post a week, so that in 5 weeks you are posting an extra post, 5 days a week. This will increase impressions for your content. Make sure the quality of content remains high. If need be take 2 months to reach a point where you are posting twice a day.
2Improve network quality to improve the engagement ratio to get help from the algorithmRemove irrelevant users (connections) from your network. Remove them at a rate so that the number of removed connections does not exceed the number of organic follower growth every day.
3Leverage your own accounts to show algorithm early engagement for the postGet your company’s employees and team members to engage with your content meaningfully so that your content gets early traction. This is especially important if you are a leader and want to use your profile for biz-dev.
4Engage with daily posters in your niche to attract their network. Identify 100 daily posters who have your potential clients in their network
Do it by identifying 10 such profiles and engaging with them at a time.
These profiles should be a mix of people you know and those you want to partner with. Then engage with them daily, hoping they will engage with your content on their own and people in their network will see your content.

To turn this into revenue, create a $50 entry-level product (a recorded program that takes users from point A to B). Another offer can be a $1k+ offer where you consult with clients with another offer in between these two offers.

Give it a shot, and let me know how it goes for you.

Also, let me know if you have questions.

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