Life Is A Sum Of Parts

To elevate our lives, we need to elevate all parts.

Trying to fix everything at once is a surefire way to dissipate our energy and not see much progress anywhere.

The best way to do it is to pick up the areas of life with the highest leverage and work on them one by one.

Health, relationships, work, and money are such areas.

Health gives us the energy to act and be present in whatever we set out to do. 

Relationships are the glue that binds different parts of our life together and works as an anchor.

Meaningful work gives us satisfaction, and money gives us leverage and power to transact.

I have seen that practicing meditation creates a space between thought and action, which is a superpower when it comes to being disciplined in whatever we want to do.

It also gives us a sense of calm and makes us healthy by strengthening our immune system and reducing the distractions of the mind.

Once you work on the core, you can move to improve other parts of life which are also important like having good communication skills.

If you want to be methodical about then you can run self-growth experiments like I do where I focus on improving one area of life at one time.

Which part of your life you’d like to work on first?

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