13 Life Lessons in 13 Sentences

1/ You either sleep in bed, or you sleep at work.

2/ Sleep is more potent than the strongest coffee.

3/ Whatever you give time and attention to, grows.

4/ How you do one thing is how you do everything.

5/ Getting the author to coach you is better than reading a book.

6/ Distractions don’t matter when you are deeply rooted in your purpose.

7/ Give your best energy and 100% attention to show someone you care.

8/ Reading a good book is getting years of author experience in 3-4 hours.

9/ Our parents are living their life for the first time and learning on the go like us.

10/ To get the essence of a book – listen to a long-form podcast interview with the author.

11/ Earning money, growing a business, and being socially savvy — are all learnable skills.

12/ Pay your heroes for access. It is the best way to get to know, learn from, and partner with them.

13/ Get the backstory before judging someone because the same person in love and distress — are two different people.

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