Let Body’s Intelligence Take Over

Packaged food and refrigeration had changed how we eat forever.

Without them, we did not have the option to use leftovers, except some bread and some sweets that too in the winter season and not for too long. Other exceptions were stuff we could pickle or ferment. Those also we could not naturally eat in large quantities.

The only option was to cook fresh and eat fresh. This was the best for our body because it was not feasible to cook 6 meals a day doing that.

There were times when people feasted. That was mostly during wedding celebrations and also during festivals which happened at the change of seasons. The feasts during these festivals allowed us to signals to our bodies that the food from now on till the next change of season will be rich or light depending on the time of the year.

Women in traditional Indian households fasted often.

People in old Indian households especially in villages ate 2 meals a day after morning tea or a glass of milk. Farmers who worked on fields at times had a roti or two before heading to fields early in the morning.

With this system of not eating frequently, we gave our bodies time to digest food well and then allowed our bodies’ intelligent internal healing system to kick.

These days when we rely on packaged and refrigerated food for most of our meals, we do not have to wait to eat twice a day. Thanks to that, we are eating more often and not allowing our bodies to rest and not giving our internal healing systems to watch our back.

High time we went to old ways of eating fresh and eating less often. If we do that, we’ll do ourselves a service, be fitter and be able to do more of what we want to do in this world.

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