Follow and Learn From People Two Steps Ahead of You

The reality of Elon Musk and of most people who want to be like can’t be further apart.

Still, they like to emulate Musk and achieve what he did.

That’s not the best use of your time if you don’t have a streak of gradually bigger wins under your belt.

Why? Because the life of serial winners is driven a lot by randomness.

So getting up every day at 5 am or working 18 hour days, or working out of your life or whatever your favorite billionaire does, won’t make you successful like him or her. Until you are 2-3 steps behind them no point emulating them

Another reason for this is because learning directly from a person is much better than just following and assuming things.

For these reasons, you will instead be better served if you follow and learn from those who are just a couple of steps ahead of you.

There are two ways to learn from such people.

  • Cold email them and ask them for their advice.
  • Buy their courses if they have them, become their best students and as a result, you’ll become close to them.
  • Pay to get in a room where they hang out.
  • Connect with them via common connections.

Use these approaches to learn from them, get where they are, and repeat with the person who is two steps ahead. Continue repairing until you reach where you want to.

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