Where Does Laziness Come From And What Can We Do About It?


We are lazy means we are not willing to work or do anything that needs to be done.

Where Does This Unwillingness to Work or Laziness Come From?

It comes from a tired body, overstuffed belly, and unventilated brain.

It comes from a lack of excitement.

How to Get Rid of It?


For the tired body, rest, take a nap, sleep. To avoid overstuffing eat less. For the brain, take a walk in fresh air.

But what if you do it and you still feel lazy and uninspired.

Then you can use drugs. I mean caffeine.

It’ll give a kick to your body as a stimulant. Problem with a stimulant is that you need to keep doing it. There is also a limit to how much you can take it so that it is safe and effective.


There is another approach that can work better.

Find something within you that gets you excited and keeps you in that zone.

Find your reason to do the work. Figure out why the work you are doing is important. Is it for your own personal growth, to help your family or your community? Why do you think politicians are so energetic? Because they see themselves working for a big cause.

Think about self-respect. A person who respects herself does the work as a responsible human being. She does not do it because someone paid her or asked her to do it. Doing important work is the sign of a person who respects herself. Are you a self-respecting person?

Look at your work as an opportunity. Not everyone gets to do the work or is able to do it. Think of your work as a generous opportunity to change the world in a small way.

Change what you do if nothing excites you. If you find nothing interesting in your work then time to change it. Only do it after you have tried it for a while. Be wise and do not leave because it is hard.

Do you find your work inspiring?

Are there times when you do not want to work, without any real reason? Why do you think that happens and how do you cope with it?

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