Keep Things Human While Working Remotely

Remote work is great.

It is efficient,

It saves people time on the commute, and also the stress that comes with it.

It saves money that people would have spent on getting dressed and looking pretty.

It gives us a chance to take a nap when one wants.

It is great until it all works.

And at some point, the value of remote work diminishes and the biggest reason for that is the loss of human connection.

Emojis and smiley in chats, make up for it a bit but not as much as we’d want.

The only way around is some real talk about what is going in.

Do it as often as possible, but not so much that it starts looking like a chore to the person reaching out and a hassle and disruption in the middle of the day to the person you are reaching out to.

So, who will you reach out to today, not to talk about work, but to find out how they are doing.

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