Is fear holding you back?

overcome_fearWe need to overcome our fears to move closer to our dreams.

Taking action is one of the simplest ways to overcome fear.

Fear can overpower a person who is sitting idle just thinking about what may come next; but for somebody who is engaged in taking action – fear will not be the first thing on mind.

A baby is scared of falling before she takes her first step. She falls many a times before she starts walking. Initially, she needs to hold the hands of somebody she trusts. But unless she overcomes fear of falling how will she learn to walk and later run.

If the need be, you also hold the hand of somebody you trust. At times you may not have a person to hold on to – just your knowledge, skills and faith.

Be sure that all your fears will not come true, if you take action on something big. You may fall once or twice but when you try, you will be able to walk and eventually run in the direction of your dreams.

Key is – not to think too much and take action without delay. As long as you delay your fear will increase and it is possible that you do not take the step at all. Also important is continuous action without losing heart over small failures.

Just take action.

  • Want to apply for a big opportunity; apply much before the deadline.
  • Fear of meeting people; resolve to meet one new person every day.
  • Fear of a lot of work to do ahead. Start doing little chunks and move closer to completion.
  • Fear that you start up may fail – how will you know without even starting it?
  • Fear that you will not be able to move ahead with your resolutions. Just act on it first thing in the morning before others activities seek your attention.

Of course there may be others deterrents like, lack of – money, skills, or a suitable environment; but if you take action you can move beyond all deterrents. If you think — money is stopping you from starting your venture (though it rarely does these days); work on an elevator pitch and seek funds or take some time (months or a year) to save your startup funds.

Thinking hours or days about deterrents, will not take you anywhere. It can only discourage you. Taking action will. It will help you move ahead.

About time, that you overcame your fears by taking action.

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