Intensity Matters

intensity. (noun): the quality or state of being intense especially: extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.

Intensity matters.

It matters more if you are in a rut.

Intensity can get you out of the rut.

You need intensity to accomplish big goals, the intensity in thoughts and action.

Intense action takes effort and energy. With it, you increase your chances of success. If you are intense in your actions then others also notice you.

Leaders you remember were all intense. Not necessarily loud or brash, but intense.

Are your looking for examples of intense action?

Saying ‘I love you’ with all your heart is intense.

Starting work on your plans as soon as you finish making them is intense.

Giving it all you have got is intense.

Getting up every day at 4.30 to sweat it out like Navy Seal Jocko Willink is intense. Working out for 3 hours like ace filmmaker Casey Neistat is intense.

Ignoring anything except your priorities is intense.

Writing non-stop for 30 minutes without opening another tab is intense.

Blocking 3 weeks to write your book and finishing it is intense.

Reaching out to 10 people every day and asking for what you want is intense.

Shipping every day no matter what is intense.

Working as if you matter is intense.

Living life like there is no tomorrow is intense.

Wasting no time is intense.

Going all in is intense.

Eating clean without cheating for 60 days is intense.

Morning workout at the gym and a long walk in the park again in the evening is intense.

Showing up every day come rain or shine is intense.

Making big promises and keeping them is intense.

Not breaking the chain for 100 days is intense.

Doing more than your daily quota is intense.

Going after goals that make you uncomfortable every day is intense.

Pounding the pavement until you get first 10 customers for your business is intense.

Preparing so well that your clients or an employer have no choice but to Choose You, is intense.

Choose Intense

Choosing intensity over mild takes courage. It means getting over fear and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable.

Mild means mediocre. Intense is better. Totally worth it. You’ll know better once you start and stay on this path.

Intensity does not mean becoming a toxic hustler. It does not mean burning midnight oil, eating junk or not taking care of yourself.

It just means not short selling yourself. Doing more than you will do usually. And, getting over limiting beliefs and not allowing yourself to be distracted.

It is ok if things didn’t work out for your earlier, this time give an intense try and see what happens.

Will you?

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