Two Things You Need To Become an Inspiring Creator

Becoming a creator for the sake of a creator is not bad.

But becoming a creator to share what you know, what you are learning about, to finding something novel that most people do not know about is far more interesting and satisfying.

To become the second type of creator, you fall in love with the world around you and follow your curiosities, and in the process finding something that you cannot ‘not’ share with the world. 

So you need a curious mind and willingness to share what excites you with the world, to become a creator people admire.

It is ok if you don’t have a lot of interesting ideas when you start. Then start with creating on a schedule, by mining for ideas, and creating often. That is how most creators start. During this initial stage, quantity is more important than quality. Create so much that you master the craft of creating. Once this is dialed in, create what you are really inspired to create.

The key is to understand the difference between the medium and the goal.

Creation may be the medium but your goal is growth, satisfaction, learning, connections, and opportunities or what it is for you.

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