Quality of INPUT Decides Quality of OUTPUT

Here are some examples:

Food > Body

Food quality depends on ingredients, how much love it has been made, how nourishing it is, and the quantity. All this, combined with the environment and your mind space, decides what kind of body this food will create.

Reading > Writing

The quality of what you read depends on the author’s understanding of a particular topic and how well-written what you are reading is. Quality reading will create an endless stream of new ideas in your head and also make your writing better. 

Writing > Thinking

From clear writing comes clear thinking. That is why writing about a topic is one of the best ways to develop clear thinking. At first, what you write won’t be clear, but with repeated edits, it will become better eventually, impacting your thinking about that topic.

Questions > Answers

The better the questions you ask, the better the answers you get. So if you want to get good answers, learn to ask better questions. Most of us are not born with the talent to ask good questions. So we practice by asking a lot of questions. Many of those questions will be wrong, but that will pave the way for good questions.

Communication > Relationship

Good communication involves empathy, respect, and willingness to understand the other person. Another person will likely reciprocate when you do that, strengthening the relationship.

What other thing will add you here for which core input decides the output?

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