An Easy Way To Get Influencers To Talk About Your Work or Product Without Any Investment

To do this, feature the influencer in your content.

The influencer might share the piece of content with their audience for free.

This is a good marketing hack if you have a low budget.

My friend Nik Goeke used this strategy to build a profitable book summary site called FourMinuteBooks.

Over the years, the site has become a passive source of income for him.

How did he make it happen?

By doing what I am recommending here.

So, when he launched the site, he used to publish summaries of books quite frequently.

And when he posted a new book summary, he tagged the author in a Tweet and linked to the summary in that tweet. 

This made the authors retweet his tweet and helped with early visibility.

Over time, the site started ranking on page 1 of Google for all main keywords related to that book.

When he started generating traffic, he partnered with a leading site in the book summary space, and they paid him for the traffic he sent them.

Author Ryan Holiday did this for his book growth hacker marketing. So, while working on the book, he featured those he wanted to talk about the book in his book.

This ensured that at the time of launch, most of those people he featured in the book talked about the book.

This played a role in the book becoming a big success.

Think how you can use this approach in your business.

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