The Massive India Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss

India is likely the most attractive market in the world right now

500M under 25

125M speak English

– 580M to be in the middle class by 2025

– 830M on the Internet 

Soon 1 Billion Indians will be on the internet.

As per ‘Google’s Year in Search 2020: India for determined progress’ report 90% of internet users in India prefer to consume content in their local language.

So, if you want customers for your products from across India, don’t ignore Indians consuming content in their local language.

Picture this:

100% YoY Bengali YouTube viewership growth

– 20%-30% Language-specific search terms like “in Telugu”, “in Tamil”, and “in Hindi”

– 95% of YouTube videos are consumed in regional languages

So once you have established your brand’s base in one language, diversify your content and build a tribe in multiple languages.

Don’t Ignore local language for your ad campaigns and content.

Brands like Cadbury and BBC have been doing it for a long time.

Now it’s your turn.

Josh Talks focused on regional content and in 6 years, they have created Indias Largest Local Language Distribution.

  • 13 Channels across 9 Languages/4 Categories
  • 14.75 M Subscribers across channels 
  • 1.5 B Lifetime Views

Through this, they have also got,

  • 2.4 M Downloads for their app and 
  • 175,000 Paid Users 

These numbers are from Dr. Ritesh Malik, who is an investor in the platform.

This is a big opportunity for any creator or a brand.

How would you leverage this?

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