10 Proven Ideas to Increase Your Email Open Rates

There is money in the list. But only when people open your emails. Here is how your can increase email open rates and get more people to check out what you have to say or sell.

Increase Your Email Open Rates

1/ Make an effort to get people on the list to know you. Host exclusive lives for them. In your automation sequences invite them to join the Facebook group. That way that’ll come to know you and will be more likely to open your emails.

2/ Send them from an account with your name on it. It will always have a higher open than if you sent them from a brand account.

3/ Don’t build a big list, build an engaged list. With an engaged list your open rates are right and delivery rates of your emails improve.

4/ Get people to buy from you. The only way to do it is to send them offers often. Because buyers are more engaged than non-buyers.

5/ Use emojis in your subject lines to make your emails stand out and get the recipients to open your emails.

6/ Create a mailing schedule, specific days of the week, once or twice per week at the same time. That way your recipients will anticipate your email and open it.

7/ Don’t use the words that trigger spam filters. You can find if there are such words in your email content by using a tool like Litmus. ESPs like Mailchimp have this inbuilt.

8/ Continue to purge your list. As a routine, remove old subscribers from your list because over time people tune out. Once every quarter or six months, remove everyone from your list who has not opened any email from you in the past six months.

9/ Get people to respond to your emails and then get into a conversation with them. Because for these people your email will show up in their primary inbox increasing the chances of them opening your emails.

10/ Use an email validation service like ZeroBounce or NeverBounce to identify and remove fake emails. Depending on how big your list is, do it once a month or once every quarter.

Hope you’ll use these ideas and see your open rates skyrocket.

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