Importance of space

workspaceWe all live. Work encompasses a great part of our lives. We live and work in spaces — home, office, factories, workshops, studios, cottages, villas.

Space in itself is nothing. It is beautiful because when our eyes look at it our brain thinks so. It is useful because the space helps us accomplish some tasks.

Places of worship have serenity which may not be found in other places; because people come there seeking solace, calm and peace. They bring a sense of purpose to this space. If you want your workspace to be productive then create a sense of purpose for that space. Go there with intent to accomplish, be productive, be at ease and relax.

Be one with the space. This will improve your productivity and you will be at ease most of the times. You just need to keep reminding yourself periodically that you and space are one and you remain relaxed there.

We walk on earth. Sleep on a bed mostly. Work environments have a table and a chair and some elements like a computer, laptop. There is sound and light. Our existence is extenuated by the space surrounding us. We make the environment along with other elements in it.

So what is an ideal space?

An ideal space does not limit but enhances your capabilities. It is a natural extension of your thoughts; it is as you think it should be. If you can’t create the exact space as in your thoughts, strive to get closer; one day you will reach there. It is worth it and you will love it then.

Your ideal space is inviting — at least to you — at times you need to create certain barriers for people whose only intent is to interrupt you; sometime they do not even realize that they are interrupting you. This mostly happens in office situations.

How to create an ideal space?

  • Remove clutter. Go for spring cleaning at least once every three month. Once a month is better.  At home – get rid of old clothes, old magazines and stuff that do not have any material or emotional value. OK everything has emotional value; but you got to decide — for the stuff in question — emotions or freeing the space? Ask this question and take a call. At workspace remove papers, old files that you do not need anymore.
  • More light helps. If it is not about your bedroom at night. Add a little light to your living space and workspace. Better if ample sunlight comes in. Rest of the times and situations – use bright lights. This will make things easy for your eyes and also keep your spirits high.
  • Colors. Bring your own colors to your space. If it is not possible to totally change the color then add elements in color that you like. Curtains at home and coffee mugs, posters at work. Your space, your way. Right!
  • Music. Use music to get started in the morning or to wind down after a long day. Works wonders if this is your thing.
  • Ease of use. Visual appeal, aesthetics are all good; but keep in mind convenience of users. No need to study interior design and architecture for this, just think what will suit you to work better or relax whatever purpose space serves.
  • Do not be a slave of space: Set the time that you want to spend in any space. Set some rules for yourself. Set time for which you want to be in office and also in bed. It is not healthy to oversleep or overwork. Any of these should be avoided. While in office you may try 4×4.
  • Positive vibes: It is important to keep the positive vibes going in the space you work. You can initiate it by deep breathing couple of times a day and if possible by meditating a bit in your workspace when you enter there. Avoid arguments. Do not worry too much about it, but just be mindful of the fact. Think of your space — work or home – as a sacred space.

Are your already in love with your space or are you reaching there?

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