Imagine the Future, Then Get There

This is the best way to unleash the human potential.

Nothing is out of bounds, if we can think and execute towards it.

If it is, then how are other people doing already what you want to do?

Whenever you set out to do something, make sure exploration and learning are an important part of it.

As part of that exploration, always check out how others who have done it before, did it.

Learn from their mistakes and don’t do that, and follow what worked for them.

If we want to get creative, give it your spin.

Go there faster, get someone to hold your hand, look into what you are doing so that navigation is easy for you.

Set milestones that you need to hit to get to the ultimate goal, that you’ll not lose you way and find only in the end.

And, once you’ve done it all, you’ll be in the future you imagined.

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