Lack of Ideas? No More.

Need ideas for content?

Or for starting your startup.

Often people struggle with it.

But the truth is you don’t need a fertile mind to get news ideas?

There are places you can go to get ideas.

I call them the idea hubs.

Some of the popular idea hubs are Hacker News and Reddit.

You can also go to high-quality communities specific to your topics and look at the questions people are asking or a look at the Amazon reviews of the product.

And, also don’t discount the social media platforms. 

Check out top videos on YouTube or search Twitter.

You’d be surprised what you’d find.

Girish Mathrubhootam found inspiration for his billion-dollar startup FreshDesk on a Hacker News thread. Recently it surpassed $300 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Now, stop worrying about a lack of ideas, and find one in your nearest idea hub.

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