How to prepare for future?

futureIt is good to be carefree and live life for the moment. It is also important for young people to prepare for future. The best preparation for future is to live well in the present time. There is something more you can do. Let us explore.

For people in 20s-30s

Document: Start documenting your journey or learning of life. This is for posterity. Write in a diary, blog or better use video to record your thoughts.

Review: Review your day, week, months and years. It will help you stay on course. When you do you do this, you will be able to meet future with confidence. Check personal review for more on this.

Be Open: Be open to new ideas, read about innovation and once in a while do the new — new clothes, work, and ideas. This will most likely develop a habit of being open. You need to be open to opportunities and new way of life – which is inevitable with changing times.

Spend your time well: Be consciousness of your actions and spend time in a meaningful way. If you are reading this as a young person  — you may focus on creating a life that you will be happy about when you look back.

Value what life has given you: Never undermine the value of friends and family. They are the ones with whom you will share your success and joy as you move forward.

This preparation can start at any age, earlier you start better for you.

For those between 40-60 years of age

Those of you who have already lived on this planet for 40-50 or 60 years – can prepare for future as discussed above. In addition you can also get into meaningful action — having learned some of life’s lessons. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Accept: This is the most important part of the transition. As you grow old you need to accept the fact and make any changes required accordingly. Slow your pace as the need be. Indulge in physical activity that suits you. Yoga and Tai chi are two forms that you can try. Accept and move ahead. Do not rest on your laurels. Make something and be happy.
  2. Realize and respect: Realize that you have rich experience that world can get help from. Respect your own being. This should also reflect from the way you dress and speak.
  3. Become a mentor: People with rich experience are best suited to become a mentor. Handhold and help young people who can learn and grow from your experience.
  4. Write: If you have spent your time well then you will have something to share with fellow human beings. Do it through writing.
  5. Teach: University and business schools look for people with real-life business experience for guest lectures. Start with some sessions at a local institution.
  6. Get into diverse roles: Help your kids or grandkids – depending on your age – finish their lessons. Become active in some philanthropic pursuit. Organize a collective of people with rich experience — who want to contribute and grow. Create a junto like Benjamin Franklin did.
  7. Start working on your fitness: Make a point to eat right, exercise and find leisure hours.
  8. Give: Take time to give. This will help you stay connected with your core and also give you a chance to pay forward — something you have received. If you have money then give your town a library; or clothes to those in need. You can at least give your love to young and old alike.
  9. Become an investor: You love money and want to be engaged. Become an investor. This will push you to stay connected with the industry, give you a chance to meet young people with interesting ideas (most of the start-up founders are young these days) and keep your brain active.
  10. Live the life that you always wanted: Live life to the fullest. If you wanted to travel the world — then do it. There will be no tomorrow. Search on web for cheap ways to travel the world and plan your trip.
  11. Do not lament about the past: If the past was not that good it is ok. It is your choice to spend future as you want. Learn from the likes of Colonel Sanders who took to franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, starting at age 65, using $105 from his first Social Security check to fund visits to potential franchisees. I recently watched a news story on TV about a retired physics professor who used to paint as a hobby. Post retirement he started devoting more time to his painting pursuits. Later, he exhibited some of his creative work. He was skeptical about whether he will be successful or not. His first exhibition was a success. He, now, exhibits regularly and makes decent money also.
  12. Money in the bank need not make you idle: If you have made money and are able to lead a comfortable life than for all reasons relax and meet old friends. But still there is so much you can do. Just check out — how one of world’s richest men — Bill Gates is spending his time post retirement from Microsoft.

Do not be a man in hurry. Breathe, take time to nourish and reflect. The richness of your experience needs to be shared with the world. Do not waste it thinking about old times; just engage in some worthwhile pursuits and make a life that you want and be a driver for change.

Hope you found meaning in some of those ideas.

Are you young or old? How are you preparing for future?

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